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Recent CEVA press releases are listed below. To access the press release archive, click on the link to the appropriate year below.

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2015 Archives

Dec 28, 2015
CEVA engaged with YOGITECH to advise on achieving ASIL B compliancy for CEVA-XM4 imaging & vision DSP
Nov 18, 2015
New CEVA-XC5 and CEVA-XC8 vector processors deliver unprecedented power and performance efficiencies for cost-optimized, low data rate applications
Nov 9, 2015
SoC debug solution supports monitoring and analysis of multi-core systems
Nov 2, 2015
- All time-high revenues of $16.2 million, up 15% year-over-year
Oct 27, 2015
AM3D to demonstrate ZIRENE® SOUND audio enhancement solution at CEVA Technology Symposium Asia
Oct 26, 2015
Leading surveillance camera provider to deploy CEVA DSP for computer vision capabilities in next-generation SoCs
Oct 22, 2015
MB86S27 announced today is first Milbeaut chip powered by CEVA
Oct 21, 2015
Highly integrated CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP platform combines multiple sensing, processing and connectivity technologies enabling rapid system prototyping for mobile, wearable and smarthome SoC designs
Oct 7, 2015
CDNN software framework, in conjunction with the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP, enables:
Aug 20, 2015
RivieraWaves Bluetooth Smart IP enables NXP to deliver ultra-low power performance for long battery-life in next-generation wearable, smart home, digital health, and IoT products
Aug 18, 2015
- Feature-rich RivieraWaves Bluetooth Smart 4.2 IP incorporates advanced features including data length extension, secure connection, enhanced privacy and scatternet operation
Jul 30, 2015
- Total quarterly revenue of $13.4M, up 45% year-over-year
Jul 20, 2015
CEVA processor integrated into Silver Spring's Gen5 Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform
Jun 11, 2015
Feature-rich RivieraWaves Wi-Fi IPs seamlessly enable low power 802.11 compliant connectivity in SoC designs targeting smartphones, wearables, consumer electronics, smart home, industrial and automotive applications
Jun 11, 2015
Beken SoC roadmap integrates CEVA's Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth and CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP, offering significant cost savings and expedited time-to-market for differentiated wireless audio products
Jun 11, 2015
Connectivity RF provider joins CEVAnet partner program; Catena Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF technologies available on GLOBALFOUNDRIES and TSMC processes
Jun 2, 2015
Brite Collaborates with SMIC and CEVA on Configurable IoT Solution Roadmap: Ultra Low-Power 55nm eFlash process and wireless baseband form basis for a China IoT ASIC Platform
May 19, 2015
RC64 multi-core processor from Ramon integrates sixty-four CEVA-X1643 DSPs, enabling massively parallel processing for satellite communication, observation and science research applications

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