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Recent CEVA press releases are listed below. To access the press release archive, click on the link to the appropriate year below.

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2013 Archives

Dec 5, 2013
Technologies on display include comprehensive solutions for advanced computational photography and embedded vision, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, low-power audio offloading and 'always-on' voice activation, all optimized for power, cost and performance
Nov 12, 2013
HPC Design Kit of Optimized Embedded Memories and Logic Libraries Yields 8 Percent Performance Improvement and 13 Percent Leakage Power Reduction with Smaller Area for CEVA-XC DSPs
Nov 5, 2013
Industry's most widely deployed DSP architecture brings advanced processing and ultra-low power consumption to Spreadtrum's next-generation smartphone SoCs
Oct 30, 2013
Four first-time CEVA licensees signed in quarter - further illustrating company's expansion into new growth markets, including smart meters, satellite communications, automotive and connectivity
Oct 16, 2013
Scalable multi-core architecture delivers unrivalled performance and power efficiency for software-defined wireless infrastructure applications, targeting macrocells, small cells, cloud-RAN, Digital Front-End and backhaul
Sep 3, 2013
RivieraWaves 802.11n/ac IPs target mobile, digital TVs, set-top boxes, gaming and IoT
Aug 13, 2013
Wireless infrastructure leader leverages high-performance and multi-core capabilities of CEVA-XC DSP to power software-defined radio platform for multi-mode base stations
Aug 5, 2013
ADK substantially streamlines software development and integration effort required for advanced computational photography and vision applications
Aug 5, 2013
Low-power stabilizer utilizes advanced digital signal processing algorithms to reduce shakiness resulting from video capture using handheld devices
Jul 31, 2013
-- Key OEMs in mobile markets license CEVA-MM3101 imaging & vision platform
Jul 23, 2013
12Gbps SAS-3 Controller targets Enterprise Server and SSD markets
Jul 9, 2013
Low power CEVA-XC DSP provides powerful software-defined radio platform for baseband processing in broadband wireless communication applications
May 2, 2013
-- Strategic license agreement signed with tier-one player in mobile infrastructure
Apr 25, 2013
Optimized for CEVA-MM3101 imaging and vision platform, new Super-Resolution algorithm brings PC-equivalent performance to low power devices
Apr 18, 2013
New software framework integrates CEVA DSPs with Android OS, allowing seamless offload of intensive multimedia tasks from the main CPU, and enabling advanced low-power application development for audio, voice, imaging and vision related functions

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