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Recent CEVA press releases are listed below. To access the press release archive, click on the link to the appropriate year below.

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2006 Archives

Nov 15, 2006
3.0Gbps SAS Solution Enables K-micro Customers to Incorporate Serial Attached SCSI Functionality Into Their System-on-Chip Designs
Oct 30, 2006
Upwardly Code Compatible With Existing CEVA-X Family Members, CEVA-X1641 Protects Customers' Software Investment, Speeds Time-to-Market and Reduces Development Risk for a Range of Applications
Oct 25, 2006
GAAP Net Income and Non-GAAP Operating Profit Reported for the Quarter; Continued Progress Towards Sustained Profitability and Demand for CEVA's Technologies
Oct 10, 2006
CEVA-VoP™ Platform Provides Channel Density Scalability and Feature-Set Flexibility Necessary to Comply With Multiple Carriers' Equipment Requirements
Aug 17, 2006
Expanded Local Support Team, Attendance at Embedded Systems Conference Taiwan and Launch Of Technical Seminar for Embedded Systems Engineers Bolsters Presence in Market
Aug 17, 2006
CEVA's high-performance, programmable multimedia subsystem allows Alliantek complete flexibility to develop a value-rich, differentiated multimedia platform for portable multimedia market
Jul 24, 2006
High-Speed, High-Performance Memories Accelerate Silicon Success of DSPs for High-Volume Consumer and Communications Applications
Jul 20, 2006
Continuous Progress in DSP and Multimedia Business and Licensing Revenue, Non-GAAP Net Income for the First Time in Five Quarters
Jul 20, 2006
ASTRI develops CEVA-TeakLite™ DSP-based, Low-power Portable Audio Solution
Jul 17, 2006
Fast Processor Simulation Models for CEVA-TeakLite and CEVA-TeakLite-II Facilitate System Design
Jun 27, 2006
CEVA Divests Its GPS Technology to a New Fabless GPS Company, GloNav Infused With $16.2 Million of VC Funding; CEVA Holds 19.9% Equity Stake in New Company
May 1, 2006
CEVA to Demonstrate Latest Multimedia Developments at Conference
Apr 25, 2006
Major Design Wins With Two Leading Companies, Demonstrating Innovative Video Technology
Mar 6, 2006
Move Strengthens CEVA's Commitment to Expanding Customer Base in China's Booming Semiconductor Industry
Mar 1, 2006
CEVA Joins OpenChoice IP Program and Standardizes on Cadence Incisive Enterprise Family

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