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2000 Archives

Dec 21, 2000
Parthus Technologies Plc Year End Results Announcement
Dec 13, 2000
Agreement allows Parthus' customers to license Bluetooth Intellectual Property solutions on UMC's industry-leading 0.18 CMOS process
Dec 5, 2000
Innovative Bluetooth demonstrations showcased at Bluetooth Developers' Conference illustrate unique value of converging Parthus platforms for new mobile Internet applications
Dec 5, 2000
BlueStream™ is now licensed to four of the world's top 10 wireless semiconductor companies, positioning Parthus as the most widely licensed Bluetooth wireless technology provider in the industry
Nov 23, 2000
NavStream™ technology licensed to µ-blox and fabricated by Atmel for deployment in mobile phones and other wireless devices announced at Electronica 2000
Oct 25, 2000
BlueStream™ and InfoStream™ platforms enable Agilent to develop both Bluetooth™ and mobile computing technologies, reducing the time to market for wireless Internet devices
Oct 18, 2000
Co-development partner Psion licenses InfoStream™ to power feature-rich new Mobile-Internet devices, including Motorola's next generation Smartphones
Sep 21, 2000
NavStream Global Positioning System (GPS) Platform delivers pinpoint accuracy in zero time for wireless users in emergency situations or seeking location based m-Commerce services
Aug 30, 2000
Parthus NavStream™ Global Positioning System (GPS) technology platform enables rapid and unrivalled positioning accuracy to an array of devices from mobile phones to automobiles
Aug 30, 2000
NavStream™ technology cross licensing agreement further enhances the strategic and equity partnership between ARM and Parthus
Jul 19, 2000
Platform incorporates Parthus PhoneDome - Software application enabling true surround sound effects for headphones
Jun 29, 2000
GPRS technology enables operators to quickly and cost-effectively offer Internet access over existing GSM networks.
Jun 14, 2000
BlueStream Platform paves way to both 'Zero Chip' and 'Single Chip' Bluetooth solutions to enabling a wide array of devices from mobile phones, PDAs, PCs...
Jun 8, 2000
Investment Will Help Parthus Develop Technologies for Emerging Standards for Wireless LAN, Wireless PAN and Mobile Internet Access
May 17, 2000
IP Platform Provider Honored as Technology Industry Influencer

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