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Artificial intelligence is here, autonomous vehicles, award winning neural network, personal assistants, and more…

5G is coming up strong, smartphone takes DSLR quality photos, smart conversational assistants, and more...

5G networks, personal assistants, intelligent vision and more…

Racing to offer automotive vision SoCs, cloud video analytics, CES 2017 impressions and more…

Learn What's New in Bluetooth 5 Spec and Download CEVA Symposium 2016 Presentations

How do the New Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 Protocols Achieve Ultra-Low Energy Consumption and What’s the Best Vision Solution for Highly Automated Vehicles?

Learn more about the CEVA-X1: A Single Core DSP + CPU; Which IoT Communication Protocol Will Rule: LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT or Wi-Fi?

What happens When Dual Cameras Meet Machine Learning; CEVA’s New Deep Learning Platform; Download CEVA-XM6 Product Note

Rockchip and CEVA Extend Partnership, Novatek Licenses CEVA-XM4 , Oticon Licenses and Deploys CEVA BLE, CEVA-X2 controls Multiple PHYs,  and More...

CEVA's Latest LTE IPs, CEVA's 2nd Generation Neural Network Framework, Conversational Assistants, Hearables  and More...

Inuitive Selects CEVA-XM4, CEVA Welcomes Bluetooth 5, Google I/O, Deep Linking and more...

Autotalks License and Deploy CEVA DSP, Video Stabilization, Wi-Fi for IoT, Autonomous Driving and More...

Artificial Intelligence leaps forward; India takes over Smartphones; Challenges in multi-standard wireless communication and more...

AlphaGo defeats Korean Grandmaster, CEVA powers Samsung Galaxy S7, clearing the path to 5G and more...

Meet Dragonfly M2M IP Platforms, LG selects CEVA and more of our latest innovations!

 CEVA Expands Into Growing Market for Auto Safety Chips; CEVA Expands Into Growing Market for Auto Safety Chips and How Computer Vision Empowers Autonomous Drones

Meet CEVA’s New Communication DSPs; Samsung Gear S2 3G Smartwatch Teardown; How Is Computer Vision Re-shaping 2016 Growth Segments; The Case for Local Intelligence in IoT-Centric Surveillance Devices

Learn about CEVA’s New Smart & Connected Development Platform; Accelerating Machine Learning Deployment with CDNN- CEVA Deep Neural Network; The Benefits of A Software Approach in Multi-Constellation GNSS Chip Design

Zigbee or Bluetooth Smart - Who Will Win the Battle for the Smart Home ? Will iPhone 7 Finally Capture 3D Vision? Available to download:
Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 3 Software-Defined Modem White Paper

In this issue:

CEVA's Bluetooth Smart 4.2 IP is Now Fully Qualified by the Bluetooth SIG; Vision-Based ADAS Engineer? Here Are Some Design Challenges To Overcome and CEVA-Powered Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ Announced

In this issue:
Read about CEVA’s latest RivieraWaves Wi-Fi platforms, address the wearable opportunity and a lot more, including smartphones, routers and small cells. Also, we feature an in-depth analysis of the evolution of object recognition, from the days of SIFT and Good-Features-To-Track, to today’s Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) algorithms.

In this issue:
Read about CEVA’s new IPs: industry’s most powerful vision and imaging processor and a selection of Wi-Fi IPs covering anything between thin IoT devices and small base-stations. Other interesting topics include a recent automotive consortium CEVA initiated in Europe, and a unique take on connectivity in IoTs. 

In this issue:
Bluetooth on CEVA-TeakLite-4: It’s All about "Always On"
Accelerating Computer Vision Applications with CEVA-MM3101
Using Maximum Likelihood MIMO implementation
New demos showcase embedded vision and “Always on"
CEVA-MM3101 powers new processor from Inuitive
"CEVA Targets Wearables" Courtesy of The Linley Group

In this issue:
CEVA-XC4500 Expands Reach Into New Markets
CEVA Simplifies Computer Vision
Bluetooth and the Internet of Things
Tips for benchmarking a processor
CEVA Takes on Wireless Infrastructure
Human-Machine Interfaces improve UX

In this issue:
Multi-core design gets easier with MUST
AMF abstracts DSPs in Android systems
Shaky hands make better pictures
Mindspeed leverages CEVA DSPs
Antcor targets multiple Wi-Fi markets
CEVA's demos-on-demand

In this issue:
Wi-Fi and Cellular Blur Together
Natural User Interfaces (NUI) Enable New Ways to Interact with Machines
CEVA-CV: A Clear Picture for Implementing Embedded Vision Applications
Designing an LTE-A SOC with ARM & CEVA
CEVA's DSPs at the Center of a Growing Audio Ecosystem

In this edition:
CEVA TeakLite-4 makes devices sound even better
CEVA XC-4000 – a universal platform for every wireless standard
CEVA MM3101 for embedded vision and imaging – machines that that see

In this Edition:
Ride the Wave with CEVA-XC
CEVA-MM3000 - Full HD, Full Programmability
Application Optimizer Facilitates All-C Development Flow for CEVA DSPs

In this Edition:
CEVA-XC: The highest performance processor for 4G communications
Overcoming challenges in HD audio IC design
CEVA-powered technologies in over 35 companies' products at CES

In this Edition:
Major shift in the wireless market
Programmable DSP is the future... read why
CEVA-TeakLite-III - smaller, faster & ready for action

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